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92296_8905Two of the most common issues that result in referrals to counselling are depression and anxiety. Sometimes the cause of distress is apparent and can be dealt with by addressing those issues directly. However, sometimes the cause is not obvious, and you may feel additionally concerned that you can see no reason why you should be feeling this way.

All of our counsellors trained initially as general counsellors and have significant experience in working with these issues. We all work with integrative models of counselling, which means we draw on techniques and theories from cognitive behavioural, psychodynamic and person-centred practice. This means that we can work in a way to suit the issues that emerge for you as a client, by using a range of therapeutic strategies, rather than being confined to a single method of working.

Everyone is different, and we believe that it is important to help you to explore the issues that are important to you. This means that the counselling can be as short or long as you need it to be. For people who are very clear and focused on resolving particular issues, one or two sessions may be all that is required. For those who know, deep down, that there are a number of things which cause them distress, the process can be longer. However, the range of issues we work with is entirely up to you. The counselling is for your benefit and you decide when you have achieved enough.

If counselling is something you are thinking about, please do contact us for an initial, no obligation meeting, where you can find out more about how we can help.