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1185109_64345790Although as parents we all want our children to have childhood experiences that will support them to grow into adulthood, sometimes that has not been possible. Whether as a result of childhood bullying, family tensions, problems at school or external events, children can suffer despite our best intentions. Sometimes this can lead to further problems at home or at school, as children often try to protect those that care for them by not sharing what is happening. The changes in their behaviour, such as increased anger or withdrawal from normal life, can be the only clues.

If your child appears to be suffering from something that has happened to them, it can help to talk to someone outside the family about what has happened. At “Our Space”  counsellors are specifically trained in working with children and young people displaying  many different problems. For some children, one to one counselling may be the best option.  If your child’s behaviour has changed noticeably over a period of weeks or months, but they seem unable to talk about what is wrong, one to one counselling with an experienced child counsellor could be an option. Working with someone who understands the sort of issues that can cause difficulties for children can make it easier to talk about what is wrong, and then about what can be done to help. For many issues, short term work over a period of a few weeks can be sufficient.

If you feel counselling may be something that your child may benefit from, then please contact us using the details on the contact page for a free and informal discussion with the team at Aegis.